High Impact Practices and Programs accentuate student learning when they are integrated across campus and when they address special features of student population. In this two-day session, a number of programs that measurably enhance learning have been developed at Oxford College (and elsewhere). We offer this feature session to faculty and staff who are working to achieve the seamless experience that students love. A student panel will play a central part in this two day program.

Leadership in the Liberal Arts: Establishing a Culture of Student Leadership
Developing young adults into socially responsible leaders is particularly relevant at liberal arts institutions as we strive to promote critical thinking and ethical decision making, but it takes a campus to create and sustain a culture of student leadership. Session presenters will share how they have enacted intentional approaches that seamlessly integrate the curricular and co-curricular experiences to help students draw connections from all aspects of their educational journey and across disciplines to promote a culture of leadership on their respective campuses.

Taking Stock of Oxford’s International Student Population: What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going
International students are a valuable resource who make multiple positive contributions on our campuses. In 2010 Oxford’s international student population increased by more than 400%. At the time our resources to support these students were limited to special writing courses, so we hired an international student advisor and formed a campus-wide committee to determine best practices for supporting this population. Our presentation summarizes these best practices, along with predictions for future needs and resources, as well as taking into account the academic, political, and generational issues and concerns that continue to emerge among a changing student body.

Seamless & High Impact: The First-Year Seminar
What is it about the way first-year seminars are designed and delivered that makes them high-impact and successful in achieving these learning and developmental outcomes? In this interactive session, the presenter will review relevant literature and standards, explore the evolution of the curriculum and co-curriculum of the first-year seminar at Oxford College, share assessment tools and data, and provide a forum for sharing innovative pedagogies in order to assist participants in developing and/or enhancing the first-year seminar model at their institution.